Trustworthy Embedded systems for Secure Cloud Computing Applications

Dates: 1/10/2012 – 1/10/2015

Funding scheme: FP7-ICT-2011-8

The TRESCCA project aims to lay the foundations of a secure and trustable cloud platform by ensuring strong logical and physical security on the edge devices, using both hardware security and virtualization techniques while considering the whole cloud architecture.



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2013 George Kornaros, Kostantinos Harteros, M. Astrinaki, I. Christoforakis, Marcello Coppola, M. D. Grammatikakis, “An IOMMU for hardware-assisted full virtualization of heterogeneous multicore SoCs”, VLSI Circuits and Systems VI, SPIE Microtechnologies, 24 – 26 April 2013, Alpexpo, Grenoble, France