ISCA-lab Technical Reports

CAN-bus Controller with AXI4-lite Interface

CAN-bus controllers hold a dominant position basically in automotive and other application areas, e.g., elevators, agricultural equipment, industrial automation and mechanical control. The first official protocol release was back in 1986 and over the years CAN protocol evolved into versions CAN 2.0{A,B} (1991) and CAN FD 1.0 (2011). This protocol is mostly preferred due to its characteristics, i.e., shared bus communication (reduced wiring and topology complexity), low cost, error correction, , robustness, flexibility (message-based), low cost, fault tolerance in electrically noisy environments etc. This work concerns CAN 2.0 version of the protocol and hopes that will be helpful to any concerned community by providing the necessary tools in order start validating, testing, prototyping etc. in a hopefully easy manner.

This technical report can be downloaded from this link.